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Weather Station Featured

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Soon after meteorologists, Drozdov (Sergey Garmash) and Ivanov (Vladimir Gusev), and their young assistant Romash (Pyotr Logachev) take in a young married couple-banker Vadim (Sergey Yushkevich) and beautiful, seductive young wife Irina (Marina Aleksandrova)-they break contact with the outside world. Two days later, chief detective Andrey and his youthful partner Slava arrive at the severely isolated and abandoned weather station to investigate the disappearances. In a series of flashbacks, clues come to light and the secrets of their past merge with those of the weather station as they get sucked into a dark vortex of seduction, betrayal and murder.

Additional Info

  • Title: Weather Station
  • Date Release: 3-17-2015
  • Platform: DVD
  • Director: Johnny O'Reilly
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