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This provocative international thriller follows a young man, Ali (Ben Youcef), as he travels across the globe from Algeria to New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, revealing that he leads a double life as a sleeper cell pretending to be a university student.  As he awaits activation orders from three other members of his cell team to attack the United States, he begins to develop deep and meaningful relationships with some of the very people he was sent to destroy. Caught in the cross-hairs of a destructive terrorist plot, Ali is torn between completing his mission and saving the people he loves.

“…a compelling and well-acted international political thriller” –Breige McGarrity, Independent Film Quarterly
“…a film with a message, a compelling story…definitely worth seeing.” –David Keene, Washington Times
""...an inspiring and gripping film...The Algerian is an important call for sorely needed cultural dialogue...we need more films with this message."" -Bob Cesca, The Huffington Post"

Additional Info

  • Date Release: Theatrical Release: August 17th
  • Platform: DVD, On Demand, Blu-Ray, Theatrical
  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Giovanni Zelko
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